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The number one starting point at Corrin Vets Grooming Studio is a happy pet!

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Did you know that Dog Grooming plays a vital role in health & wellbeing which can improve your dog’s overall lifespan? Regular grooming helps to ensure that your dog is healthy and comfortable. Depending on the breed, we will advise on frequency of grooming. During a grooming session at Corrin Vets, we examine your dog’s skin for any parasites, lumps, bumps, wounds or any abnormalities. We use the opportunity to make sure your dog’s skin health is at its best. After all, your dog’s skin is the largest organ in its body, so it deserves the most care!

The number one starting point at Corrin Vets Grooming Studio is a happy pet! Unless your pet is relaxed, it will not enjoy the session. We allow your pet time to relax and have a good sniff around our parlour, and to get to know its groomer before we start its pampering. Your dog then tells us when its happy to start! Specialist shampoo including Malaseb shampoo optional.

When we do start, we ensure that your pet is kept happy at all times. We offer its favourite treats and ensure that it can express its feelings at all times. We ensure that all de-matting is done in a pain free manner, with your pet comfortable at all times. All dogs are hand dried, and our one to one service is tailored to your dog.

Physiotherapy & Gym facilities

At Corrin Vets we are firm believers in physiotherapy as an important stage in the recovery process of your pet or horse. In getting back to normal, it is important that we encourage your animals physiology to re-learn some functions and to restore its previous capacity as much as we can together. At our dedicated Physiotherapy suite, your pet will be nurtured to recovery in the best hands.

We also have installed a pet gym where your pet can reduce unwanted weight or join other doggos in a new safe exercise facility where fitness and socialisation are merged into one exciting afternoon! Why not give us a call and try a session.

Dog Boarding

We all need a holiday and your holiday is more relaxed when your dog is in safe hands! At Corrin Vets, we offer you the option to enjoy your break while your pet enjoys its stay in our exclusive “doggy holiday resort”. Each day your pet will be pampered with the highest professional love and care, and guaranteed to enjoy its play dates with other 4 legged pals. Our pet behaviourist can also work one-one on any areas of our pets’s behaviour or temperament that may worry you. With a fun filled day, your pet will thank you for it’s stay at Corrin Vets Resort!

Dog Training

We realise how important a good start in life is to your dog. With the right training and techniques from a young age, your pet is more likely to develop good habits and develop into a happy and healthy pet. At times, it can be a little lonely and daunting as a new pet owner. You may have not realised the requirements of a new pet, and suddenly realise that your dog is not “as you expected”. If you’ve got an older dog with an “issue” which you’ve chosen to ignore, why allow the situation to continue?  This is where we help, and time is important. Don’t delay and call us to arrange a specialist session at our dedicated dog training facility with our expert team. You will leave with clear instructions and some very important “homework”!




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