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At Corrin Vets, our vast experience and specialist equine
hospital allows us to offer an unrivalled level of service.

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At Corrin Vets, our vast experience and specialist equine hospital allows us to offer an unrivalled level of service.

For all horses, ponies, thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, cobs, we offer an extensive range of medical, surgical & breeding options listed below:

Breeding Services

Our stud farm veterinary surgeons provide a full complement of reproduction services to stud farms and individual breeders of all types of horse and ponies.
Our vets offer routine and emergency visits to stud farms or to your yard. For mares that require more intensive management, we have the support of our hospital, where we can offer specialised reproductive services including surgery and medical care, coupled with specialist expertise in neonatology and our neonatal foal intensive care unit.

Our reproductive services include:

  • Management of the broodmare
  • Pre-breeding mare examinations
  • Pre-breeding stallion examinations
  • Mare and stallion infertility investigations
  • Artificial insemination
  • Embryo transfer
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Reproductive surgery
  • Foaling, including caesarean sections
  • Post-foaling checks
  • Castration and rig Castration
  • Equine Dental Care – teeth filing and extractions

Lameness & Musculoskeletal

In performing horses & ponies, issues with lameness and “poor performance” are common and in some cases inevitable. At Corrin Equine Hospital, we run regular lameness clinics where we examine your horse or pony in detail as we get to the source of its lameness or poor performance. By performing this work up at our clinic, we aim to find the cause and treat it that very same day! Just call our clinic and book an appointment today.

Racehorses in Training

Corrin Vets have a long-established reputation for providing the highest quality personalised veterinary services to a large number of racehorse trainers, pre-training and rehabilitation yards in and around Cork and across Ireland.

Our experienced team of vets work closely with trainers to help look after the health of their racehorses in order to optimise performance and minimise the risk of injury and sickness – all with minimal disruption to trainers’ busy daily schedules. Referral to our hospital can be arranged for specialist diagnostic or medical investigations and surgery.

All of our services to trainers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for injuries, colics and any other problems that may require our immediate attention.




Emergency Service 24 Hours
By appointment during office hours:
Monday – Friday 9:30 – 17:30
Saturday 11:30 – 13:00
Sunday After Hours/ Emergencies

+353 (025)32766


Cork Road, Corrin, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland



Stud Farms

Corrin Vets have for many years provided comprehensive breeding services to notable stud farms and to Thoroughbred breeders in the Cork and Munster area. These services are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our hospital has dedicated boxes for mares and foals and a neonatal foal intensive care unit where critically sick foals receive around-the-clock, continuous care from our specialist clinicians and nursing team.

Our team of neonatal and surgical team are available should your mare experience difficulty foaling in order to deliver the foal quickly and safely.

Bloodstock Sales

Our sales service is available to vendors and buyers at all the major bloodstock sales in Ireland, where we offer all pre-purchase services on request. Should you require our vets at UK sales, please contact our administration team to arrange this.

Routine Stable Visits

Our team of experienced first opinion vets carry out routine stable visits to our sports and leisure horse clients across County Cork and the surrounding counties.
Services include pre-purchase examinations, routine healthcare, lameness and medical examinations and treatment, preventive medicine (e.g. vaccinations, routine dentistry, advice on management), reproductive services for mares and stallions and emergency treatments for colic, wounds and other injuries.

We have a full range of portable diagnostic equipment, including digital endoscopy, radiography and ultrasonography. This allows our vets to diagnose and treat successfully a wide variety of conditions at stable yards. However, more complex diagnostic, medical and surgical cases can be referred quickly to our equine hospital and diagnostic centre, where specialist expertise and facilities are available.

Pre-Purchase Examinations

Our vets are happy to carry out pre-purchase examinations (PPEs, often referred to as ‘vettings’) on behalf of our own clients and on behalf of non-registered clients, either at the seller’s yard or at Corrin Equine Hospital, if suitable facilities are not available.

The PPE is based on a recognised examination carried out in five stages (although all stages may not be completed if the horse fails the examination at one of the early stages). Sometimes a two stage examination (‘limited examination’) may be requested – for example for a young, unbacked horse or for a broodmare. This consists of only the first two stages and the vet will form an opinion based on a restricted set of findings. Prior to the examination the prospective purchaser will need to sign a ‘Limited Prior to Purchase Examination Form’, which confirms that you understand and accept that a limited examination may not reveal certain conditions which may have been discovered during the course of a full five stage examination (for example about the horse’s ability to exercise, being lame when ridden, difficulty breathing at faster paces and how the heart responds to exercise) and can have implications on insurance cover.

Soundness Examinations

If you are considering purchasing a horse for pleasure or performance a thorough pre purchase vetting examination is recommended …. Xray, Endoscopy, Blood Analysis , Ultrasound ..optional. ” The day you buy is the day you plan for its future”


With increasing levels of resistance to anthelmintics (‘wormers’), a targeted and responsible worming protocol is very important to protect your horse or pony against these internal parasites. Corrin Equine Hospital now provides you with two options, our Standard Worm Control package and a new Enhanced Worm Control package, to make worming your horse as convenient and cost effective as possible, and to give you peace of mind.

Both the Standard and Enhanced Worm Control packages aim to prevent unnecessary treatments by using faecal worm egg counts (WECs) to regularly monitor for worms throughout the grazing season. The Enhanced Worm Control package includes the WECs, but replaces the standard wormer with a blood sample, which is taken during the late autumn/early winter to test for small redworm and tapeworm at a specialist laboratory. This package provides testing, analysis and feedback. Based on your horse’s blood test results, it may not be necessary to use a wormer at all, thus reducing the potential for anthelmintic resistance. If a particular type of worm is identified by the laboratory tests, our vets will recommend the most appropriate treatment to target the specific worm type found and risk levels.

If you require any treatment or service for your horse or any which is not listed here, just call our admin team on 025 32766 who will be delighted to assist.